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Robert Townsend
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The Last Naval Battle For The North American Continent
Between The French And The English



The Last Naval Battle For The North American Continent Between The French And The English

by Robert B. Townsend - Embodying writings by C.H.J. Snider

Montcalm was dead. The fortress' of Louisburg, DuQuesne, Kingston, Niagara and Quebec had been captured by the British. Vaudreuil, the last French Colonial Governor was penned up in Montreal. The French Forte LÚvis and what remained of the French Naval fleet of the rivers and lakes of Canada, still controlled the River St. Lawrence.

The last battle in the conquest of Canada was a naval battle, a freshwater battle fought by 12,000 men in the Islands of the St. Lawrence River. With the sounds of the great river's first rapids in the background, came the crash of a thousands cannon shots, rendering timbers, splintering of oars, tearing of canvas, screaming of shells, crackling of musketry and banging of howitzers spread over seven days and nights.

The French naval force was commanded by RenÚ Hypolite Pepin LaForce, still Commandant des Batiments sur le lac Ontario, literally Admiral of Freshwater. His fleet consisted of two large vessels and three or four shallops or tenders, which could be rowed or sailed.

In the second week of August, 1760, Major General Jeffery Amherst, British Commander In Chief in America, came thudding down the St. Lawrence with 10,000 men behind him. After two years of patient plodding, succeeding impatient blunders and bungles by others, Amherst had the old French regime in Canada herded into an area between Montreal and Ille aux Noix on Lake Champlain. His genius alone had accomplished this. General Wolfe had given his life to cut off new France from the old by taking Quebec.

In whaleboats and batteaus and light-draught sloops, Amherst had Highland regiments, Artillery, Lord Louden's Royal American regiment of foot, Regulars, and Provincial troops raised by various American colonies. These men could row as well as they could shoot. He also had a 1,000 more watermen in canoes, row galleys, and ships large and small, including Bradstreet's veteran boat brigade.

This booklet tells the story of the battle, which lasted seven days, in accurate detail. It explains the strategies at Forte LÚvis, and portrays the blunders of its heroes on both sides.

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ISBN: 0-9683798-3-4
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Catalogue Information:
Author Robert B. Townsend
Title Battle of the Thousand Island
Author Robert B. Townsend - C.H.J. Snider
Publisher Odyssey Publishing
Dewey # 971.918
Thousand islands region, N.Y. and Ont. History.
Subjects: Canada - History - History 1755 - 1763 -Seven years War 1755 -1763 - , Naval operations
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