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Robert Townsend
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Bob's Nautical - A Nautical Dictionary and Glossary
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Sailing has a language very much its own, a language which
can be baffling and confusing to those unfamiliar with sailing.



A Nautical Dictionary and Glossary

by Robert B. Townsend

Do you know your crossjack from your crosstrees? Did you know that you pronounce it "crojick"? Did you know that lazyjacks are not yacht club layabouts but are, in fact, light ropes extending from the masts to the boom of a sailing vessel to contain fore-and-aft sails when they are dropped? Or that an euroclydon is a strong, stormy northeasterly wind?

Sailing has a language very much its own, a language which can be baffling and confusing to those unfamiliar with sailing.

Robert B. Townsend, author, historian, a veteran recreational sailor and long-time student of the sailors' lexicon, has produced a massive glossary to help the initiated. It is of benefit to those new to sailing and is guaranteed to ignite heated discussions among the old salts.

There are more than two thousand nautical definitions and explanations in Bob's Nautical, There are also sections which explore the varying meaning of nautical terms. Even the familiar "dock" can be confused with wharves and piers. Many of Townsend's references relate to the Great Lakes, where he has done much of his sailing.

The Dictionary section of the book constructs the nautical definition of a word in accurate, clear and simple language. The Glossary section explores in greater detail other nautical information including vessels and their rigs, sails, ropes, wind, navigation, and wireless communication, among others..

Book Description:
ISBN: 0-9683798-4-2
Cover: As Above
Perfect Bound with Hard Spine
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Size: 8.0" (W) x 10.0" (H)
Pages: 210

Catalogue Information:
Author Robert B. Townsend
Title Master Mariner: Captain John Williams
Publisher Odyssey Publishing
Dewey # 623.80321
Authors: Robert B,. Townsend
Subjects: Naval Art and Sciences, dictionaries
Navigation - Dictionaries
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