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Paul Scott
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A Decade of Memories
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The True Story of How a Retired Couple Turned a Derelict
40-Room Mansion Into The 5-Star Sir William Mackenzie Inn

In 1888 Mackenzie was acquiring great wealth. He had built many more lines of rail. He was involved in coalmines and large lumber tracks out west, and with his lumber mills and construction company he was prepared to build a spectacular mansion for his family in Kirkfield. It is assumed that the Mackenzie brothers were involved in the construction of this great house of 3 storeys and over 10,000 square feet. Its cost to build was $18,000.00, about five times more than the average house of the day.

The Federal government had a professional inspection of the house to assess it for Historical significance. This woman’s take was that the interior had to have been changed many times over the years and what we have today does not resemble the original. Old pictures surfaced after her visit that proved this government expert was totally wrong. At the time our concern was not to recognize the architecture but the man, Sir William Mackenzie, after all there was no other place suitable in our opinion for

The exterior of the mansion was quite different in 1888 when the family moved in. It was constructed of red brick. The exterior was no different than most fine Victorian homes of the day. We are told that the Mackenzies didn’t like the heavy red brick. Quite soon after the mansion was built it was painted white. For many years it was referred to as the “White House”. I will tell the story about the Verandah and how it came about later. The verandah’s addition changed the appearance of the house co

When you visit Toronto, “my beloved Toronto” – turn on a light switch, ride on the TTC, look at the spectacular skyline with the CN Tower as the focal point and even when you visit Canada’s only true castle, you are experiencing what Joan and I have experienced for the past ten years in Kirkfield – the touch of a great man almost forgotten in our Canadian History. “The Railway King of Canada – Sir William Mackenzie”. The following pages are my recollections of the past 10 years restoring his country es

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