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Aldonna Kaulius-Barry
Aldonna Kaulius-Barry is a Professional Motivational Trainer
and Coach.

She is the author of Aldonna’s Wholesome Delights, as well
as a number of training and development books, and
workshops inspiring a more compassionate, caring and
respectful workplace. Her greatest love and passion is in the
writing of poetry, prose, short stories, and children’s books.

She lives in the Caledon Hills with her husband Michael, their
daughter Danielle, their dogs Prince and Soleil, her horse
Silvermoon and a fat little goat named Suzie.

Mikey’s Wonderful Terrific, Upside-Down Monday
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Mikey goes to school one beautiful Monday morning, and at
the end of a story time reading, he realizes that he has
forgotten something very, very important at home.
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