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Author's Starter Kit
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Author's starter's collection is a series of printed and bound
books designed to assist new authors in bringing their
manuscript to market.

Virtual Impact Printing specializes in printing and producing
books and manuals. We do not profess any special ability in
marketing or promoting your finished products.

On the other hand, there are many such "How-to" guides
available throughout the internet.

We have collected and printed some of these manuals (in their
entirety, including embedded advertising for our competitors)
and packaged them as our "Starters Collection".

For a nominal cost of $30, you will receive numerous books
and manuals all written to help new authors start their
published careers, covering topics such as Selling on Amazon,
Formatting your book, Cover design tips, Promoting your book,
Self Publishing Secrets, "How to Write, Format, Publish and
Promote Your Book" and many more.

When you place your first printing order with us, if you have
purchased our "Starters Collection", you will receive a credit of
$45.00 towards your order. Effectively, giving a $15 credit for
having taken the time and effort to review and, if applicable,
applying the hints contained in the material to your manuscript.

All our authors have the option of listing their books on our
on-line ordering site free of charge. While the listing is entirely
free of charge, there may be a requirement to place a minimum
number of books in inventory to allow immediate shipping.

Virtual Impact Marketing (a division of VIMI Corp.)
Burlington, Ontario L7L 6E9
Telephone: 1-800-850-7721
E-Mail: sales@vimi.com