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Virtual Impact (VIMI Corp.) specializes in enhancing the
retention, comprehension and recall of learning and
development programs with our array of high quality yet
aggressively priced full-colour printed materials.

Virtual Impact, is a recognized specialist in full colour
on-demand printed products tailored specifically to the needs
of Human Resource and Learning & Development
organizations of all sizes.

Our focus on colour printed manuals is predicated on research
showing incorporating colour dramatically boosts retention
rates among trainees and other employee groups. We’ve
spent 14 years developing technologies and proprietary
systems to make colour manuals affordable and comparable to
black and white.

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Virtual Impact Marketing (a division of VIMI Corp.)
Burlington, Ontario L7L 6E9
Telephone: 1-800-850-7721
Fax: 1-905-631-7119
E-Mail: sales@vimi.com