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Nine Steps to a Superb Business Card

When you need new business cards, it is important that you actually think carefully about the details and information you want to communicate. It sounds simple, but many people fail to get it right.

Here are 9 Steps to help you create a superb business card....

1. Use both sides but leave lots of white space on the back for people to jot notes. What should you put on the back? How about any of the following:

- A list of your services
- Testimonial quotes from happy customers
- Something useful--like a calendar
- A brief bio
- A Testimonial

2. Make sure your card says something about you and what your product or service does for people. There are a lot of boring business cards out there. Why? Probably because someone started a business, and "Order business cards" was one of the items on their "to-do" list. But don't just do it (apologies to Nike) and rush into it --put some thought into it.
Make it unique, creative, and indicative of the special qualities you bring to your business.

3. Make the important information easy to find. Don't bury that phone number in a cluster of print. Make it stand out.

4. This sounds like common sense, but make sure it's clear what you do. So many business cards fail to actually tell people what your business does. This is especially relevant if the name of your business does not make it clear.
Let me give you some sample business names, and see if you can guess what these people do:

* Your One Stop Shop
* The Branches
* ImageLoop
* Go Forth Enterprises
Please, don't make it hard for people to do business with you!

5. Emphasize the key benefits of doing business with you. Whether it's in a tag line under your business name or in a list, make sure you tell prospective customers what they'll get from doing business with you.

* Features=qualities of your product or service
* Benefits=what those features mean to your client

6. This is obvious these days, but make sure your web site and e-mail address are really clear on your card. The same applies to your phone number. Subtlety is nice in many things, but making it hard for people to contact you is not the best idea!

7. Announce your USP. That's your Unique Selling Proposition. You should have one, and you should proclaim it loudly and proudly on your business card.
It's what makes your different from your competitors. Whether it's price, product, location, guarantee, your personality, or something else, there should be something that makes you stand out.

8. Include your logo. All of your business materials should establish a recognisable image for your business, so make sure that your business card matches your letterhead and brochures.
You may be sick of it or think that everyone has seen it, but your prospects probably haven't.
Remember the Law of Seven
Someone needs to see your name at least seven times before they will try to even think about doing business with you. Having a consistent company image makes it that much easier to make an impression.

9. Do something really different. Use a picture business card. Or you can use Business Cards like a promotional flyer so you could have business cards that you hand out at specific marketing or networking events and other business cards you use in client meetings.

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